Modelcraft 1/48 Twin Mustang
- Mr Leslie Choy

Wessex HAS.3 "Humphrey"
- Mr Leslie Choy

Kinetic Gold 1/48 IA58-D Pucara
- Mr Mick Stephen

The Airfix Cup website and competition system
- Mr Yee Soon Tuck

Airfix Spitfire Group Build
- Mr Kevin Khoo

23rd of April 2022

Halloween Model Competition
- Mr Peter Chiang

31st of October 2021

Mini-Airfix Cars and Figures competition
- Mr Peter Chiang

7th of August 2021

Mini-Airfix AFV diorama competition
- Mr Peter Chiang

26th of June 2021

Phabulous Phantom Covid 19 build competition
- Mr Peter Chiang

8th - 21st of May 2021

Airfix Cup 2019
- Mr Peter Chiang

It was overflowing with enthusiasm at 13th edition of The National Airfix Aeronautical Model Engineering Competition at the Air Force Museum from 20th - 22nd June 2019

The event and prizes were sponsored by Hobby Bounties & Morgan Hobbycraft Center with High Planes Models ...

Sculpting a Tabletop Gaming Figurine with Epoxy Modeling Clay
- James McMullen

Today we are making a custom figurine for my Gnomish Wizard Sigmund Delver, using sculptor’s epoxy putty...

Airfix Cup Judging
My Personal View - Dr Suresh Nathan

Airfix Cup has been running in Singapore consecutively over the last 11 years. Having been involved in judging over the last 3 years and having myself been a modeler for more than 40 years, I thought it would be interesting to give a brief perspective of judging standards ...

- Dr Suresh Nathan

The three areas one can show a little more skill and detailing in the aircraft model is the cockpit, undercarriage and gun bay. By far the cockpit is the most interesting of the three. In recent times models are being produced ...

Airbrushes for scale modeling - Dr Suresh Nathan

The airbrush is considered to be an integral part of modelling. I hope to share my experience in model spray painting in this article. I have over the years spent a lot of money on airbrushes and I’d say that ...