National Airfix Aeronautical Model Engineering Competition 2020
“Fighter Aircraft over Singapore”

Judging Criteria

  • Basic Construction: this is defined as the building of the entry e.g. are the gaps filled up, seams removed,
  • Basic Painting: this is defined as the quality of the finished paint job , and if it is in the correct colours for that role and theatre of operation.
  • Basic Finishing: this is defined as the overall completeness of the entry in terms of appearance: does it have rigging, are the decals on straight?
  • Conversion : this is defined as work carried out to change the original kit so that it is substantially different to the original e.g. single-seater converted to two-seater. This can be kit-bashing, scratch-building, etc.
  • Modification: this is defined as work carried out to improve a kit or kit part e.g. dropped flaps, canted rudder, opened canopy, opened gun bays, folded wings.
  • Creativity: is there an innovative trick or technique to achieve the finished entry e.g. kitchen foil for bare metal finish
  • Gutsiness : this is defined as building a difficult kit, or doing a difficult paint scheme, or doing a difficult modification or conversion e.g. all panels opened, or opened cockpit.
  • Realism: this is defined as how accurate this compares to the real aircraft or setting (historically), showing off oil leaks, streaks, exhaust stains, whether the finished model is correct for that version and role and markings.
  • Others: these will be additional to the model e.g. using a diorama to create an appealing setting where the aircraft is operating. The same criteria above will be applied and the additional together with the model will be treated as a whole, so more things means possibly more points (or more penalties).
  • Entries of Airfix/FROG/HiPM model kits will be given an additional 2 points.